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Thespy Overview

All individual events have a maximum time limit of five (5) minutes, except for Monologues (3 mins) and Technical Events (10 mins) as stated in the rules. If any student or group goes over this time limit, the performer will be disqualified.



NOTICE: Students will NOT be allowed to use adult language in any performance at the District or State Level. The piece will be disqualified, and a letter will be sent to the school principal if this occurs. This is not a negotiable point.


  1. A “slate,” or introduction, is required for each performance piece and MUST include ONLY the entrant’s name(s), title of selection, and troupe number.  Do not give the name of school or other information.  The official time for the event will start after the mention of the troupe number. (Example: “My name is John Doe. I will sing “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera.” I am from Troupe #12345.)

  2. The introduction may not be used to establish mood or define character. The introduction is not a performance piece or part of the performance.

  3. The audience will make no noise after an Individual Event – this includes applause.

  4. Students are encouraged to wear black audition/rehearsal attire in all Individual Events. Costumes will not be considered in adjudication.

  5. Students are not allowed to wear clothing that displays their school’s name, school’s initials, or any identification of their troupe apart from the troupe number.  Students may wear clothing that displays their District number.  This applies to ALL Individual Events. 

  6. Props are permissible if they are an integral part of the blocking and/or choreography and physically USED by the actor. 

  7. No sound effect or music is allowed in any ACTING Individual Event unless specified in the text of the scene.

  8. A playwright’s work may NOT be re-constructed for presentation in an Individual Event (i.e., you may not splice scenes from various parts of the play to create your own adaptation.)

  9. The number of entries and events in the Individual Events Festival will be determined annually by the State Board. Each District may set its own number of entries and events for its local festival, based upon the size of the District and the limitations of the venue where the Festival is held.

  10. Students may participate in no more than four (4) Individual Events in addition to the One Act Event at the DISTRICT level. At State however, students may participate in no more than three (3) events in addition to the One Act Event. 

  11. No student may enter an event more than once.

  12. ACCOMPANISTS: Each musical theatre event is allowed up to one accompanist per event. Any other musical instrument played will be counted as a performer within the number allowed in the event. 

    1. A student accompanist at State must be fully registered; an adult accompanist at State must be registered as a chaperone or attend with a day pass. A student who only accompanies an event at District that proceeds to State may attend State

  13. Students receiving a Superior rating at the District level are eligible to perform at the State level.  Final selection will be at the discretion of the troupe director. (In the event a troupe does not have enough superior-rated events to fill this slate, exceptions can be made for up to four excellent-rated events to attend the Florida Junior Thespian State Festival.)

  14. No changes or additions after the registration deadline. There will be a $50 fee for each change or cancellation made.

  15. No Prop Weapons Allowed: This includes any prop that is being used to simulate a weapon.

  16. All Individual Events presented at the State Festival must be the same title and cutting, with the same participants, that received an Excellent/Superior rating at District Festival.  

  17. The troupe director is responsible for ensuring that the material is appropriate for presentation in a public forum at their own middle school. The principal will be asked to certify that the material chosen meets the community standards of the school and community. 

  18. All participants must be currently enrolled and attending classes at the same school as the troupe presenting the IEs. Home school students may be included in the troupe’s IEs if those students reside within the boundaries of that school. Any exceptions must be made to the Florida Junior Thespian Chair.

  19. All events are limited to the furniture approved for the event. Regardless of the existing furniture at the host school or venue, the events may only use the listed furniture in the specific event rules.

These are the limitations to how many Thespys can be registered for per troupe: ​

Students may not participate in any more than four (4) total events. This only applies to District competition. Students also may not register for the same event twice. ​

Tech Events:

Costume Design 3

Scene Design 3

Scene Writing 3

Make Up 3

Publicity 3


Performance Events:

Monologue 5

Duet Acting 4

Pantomime 5

Improv 4

Ensemble Acting 4

Solo Musical 5

Duet Musical 5

Large Group Musical 5

Small Group Musical 5

Accompanists and Music
There is no live music allowed moving forward. All music must be a prerecorded instrumental track with no backing vocals.  

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